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About Lethal Dosage

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"We are you.” This simple mantra is what Lethal Dosage lives by on a daily basis and keeps these five Tucson, AZ musicians grounded and focused as they embark on the next step of their musical journey. 

From their inception in 2009 to the present day, Lethal Dosage has learned the value of hard work through the years, navigating around the pitfalls of their local scene and garnering new perspective for the future. With the independent release of their Inhale Demo in 2011, Lethal Dosage quickly gained the attention of many in the Southwest with their straight forward modern metal attack that eschewed gimmicks, instead focusing on the delivery of blistering riffs, tons of groove, and ample melody. 

With this powerful demo in hand, Lethal Dosage built a dedicated fan base from the grassroots up and succeeded in winning four consecutive battle of the bands showcases, including the prestigious Headbang For The Highway contest in June 2012, which gained them an opening slot on the Sumerian Records Stage at the local stop of the 2012 Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. After numerous shows and a small tour of Arizona and New Mexico, the band settled down to focus on writing and testing songs for their next recording.

Looking to take things to a higher level with that new material, Lethal Dosage entered Arcane Digital Recording Studios during the summer of 2013 to record a truly proper debut album with Ryan Butler (Landmine Marathon, Exhumed.) The resulting effort, 'Consume', does not claim to reinvent the metal wheel, but it is surely an apotheosis of the Lethal Dosage sound, and represents a tighter, stronger band with a honed edge and more nimble musical footwork. Channeling the lockstep precision of bands like Heaven Shall Burn or Behemoth and dirtying it up with some good old death metal underpinnings, 'Consume' roars out of the speakers led by ragged, enraged vocals that spew lyrical tales about the danger of excess and looking oneself in the mirror afterwards.

As 2013 comes to a close, Lethal Dosage is partnering with Battleground Records and Earsplit PR to release Consume to a wider audience in the early months of the New Year. The band will be enlarging the scale of what has come before in their musical journey, with ever more extensive touring and promotional plans to see them through the next twelve months. With humility and skill, Lethal Dosage will win over new crops of fans with their straight forward heavy sounds and the enjoyment of musical catharsis.

Lethal Dosage is: 

Theodore J. Simon III - Guitar

Frank Chacon, Jr. - Drums

Daniel Davis - Vocals

Pepe Shepperd - Bass

Josh Hayes - Guitar